Nampak assists with educational initiatives in local communities

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Our employees are involved in a range of educational initiatives located in their own area. In particular, the company works with local Education Business Partnerships and Young Enterprise to identify opportunities in which staff members can support their local community.

We strongly believe in the two-way benefit of our employees’ involvement in these initiatives and the opportunities they provide for personal development.

Our employees are involved in community initiatives
Here are just a few of the initiatives where our employees volunteer support to schools and colleges at a local level:

  • Reading partners—providing one-to-one reading support in the classroom 
  • Mock interviews—giving interview practice and feedback to help students prepare for work experience 
  • Teacher visits—Nampak Plastics Europe site visits for teachers in the areas of HR, science and engineering-related subjects including teachers who encompass sustainability and recycling topics in their curriculum. For example the Nampak Maths challenge is being launched nationwide for year 8 students 
  • Student visits—Nampak Plastics site visits for students taking Engineering, Manufacturing and Product Design diplomas 
  • Nampak Maths challenge—A Maths challenge for year eight students designed to be carried out over six sixty-minute lessons during the last few weeks of the summer term.  It's something fun and engaging for the students!

Employees also act as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network) Ambassadors supporting schools in a wide variety of ways including judging competitions, giving ‘day in the life’ talks, advising how to write CVs, and much more.

We are also involved in Young Enterprise and in 2010 we sponsored the Milton Keynes Trade Fair for Young Enterprise in addition to providing business advisors to local schools.