University Design Challenge

Innovate a new packaging product for the UK market and you could win with Nampak

As part of Nampak Plastics’ drive to diversify and expand our product range, we are challenging teams of product design students around the world to come up with an innovative packaging product which is capable of entering the UK packaging marketplace.

About the challenge:

  • The challenge consists of identifying a new packaging product that can be manufactured using Nampak Plastics’ current extrusion blow-moulding technology, along with identifying an innovative market and customer for the new product.
  • The online competition starts at the end of March. Design teams are required to submit their proposals in full by the end of May with feedback on the designs by the end of July.
  • For UK universities the challenge can be run over a period of 5–10 weeks (depending on the available time) and can be incorporated into core modules, contributing to the overall module percentage. Students must work in teams of no more than four people and should give their teams a name. There should only be one design solution submitted per team by the end of May.
  • We will shortlist three designs and these teams will have the opportunity to present their design solutions in front of Nampak’s Board of Directors via a video conference. It should be noted that our online competition is running in conjunction with 3-5 (depending on annual take up) British universities and the shortlist will be from all submissions of all types.
  • A cash prize will be awarded to the individual/team that comes up with the best design, identifies a possible gap in the market and whose thinking is outside the box.
  • If the packaging solutions are outstanding, the product could be developed and brought to the market. Furthermore, for students who show a real passion for the project as well as a strong work ethic throughout, there is the potential to be offered summer work placements.

We look forward to running this initiative again in the 2014/15 academic year. If your university would be interested in taking part, please let us know by sending an email to:

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