Nampak Plastics is socially responsible

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Nampak Plastics Europe is committed to involving the company, its employees and where possible its customers in local events and initiatives that will add value to the communities in which it operates, its employees and its business. Our activities are focused primarily in the areas of education and charity, and involve the investment of time and effort by employees as well as the contribution of product resource where appropriate.

A central Social Responsibility committee is in place and oversees an annually agreed budget to support social responsibility initiatives and activities.

However, each of our sites is empowered to develop its own community-based initiatives, which are particularly relevant to the individual location. In principle these are managed and supported at a local level. Paid time-off for individual employees involved in such initiatives is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Organisations eligible for allocation of funding include:

  • Charitable organisations or groups performing services nationally or within local communities on a non-profit basis
  • Educational institutions such as universities, technical colleges, and primary and secondary schools
  • Organisations operating to advance business and/or community life, and
  • Sporting bodies where support will assist in the development of programmes and facilities that will support community improvement initiatives.