Nampak Plastics' history

The heart of our operation is to provide packaging solutions for industries worldwide

Nampak Plastics Europe was formed in 1999 when two well-established UK blow-moulding companies—Plysu and BlowMocan—were merged by South African-owned organisation Nampak.

Plysu was initially founded in 1945 to manufacture mackintoshes using high frequency welding to join polymers (PVC) together. It was not until 1964 that they started blow-moulding rigid containers. In 1982, Plysu became the first company to launch the 'poly-bottle' in the UK—having seen the concept introduced into the American market a few years earlier.

BlowMocan was founded in 1976 by ex-Plysu employees who saw a niche in the market. Nampak SA acquired BlowMocan in 1994 and Plysu in 1999, to form Nampak Plastics Europe.

We continue to have a significant market position in the milk and juice bottle markets in the European, African and Southern African territories.

Nampak SA is the parent organisation of Nampak Plastics Europe.