Nampak Plastics' employees share their career testimonials

Nampak Plastics could be the right fit for you!

Nampak Plastics' vision is to be the leader in creating innovative and sustainable plastic packaging
solutions for the future.

Why choose Nampak Plastics?
Our products are handled by over 80% of the UK population on a daily basis and we are the UK's leading manufacturing of HDPE plastic bottles. We offer more than just careers in manufacturing, we offer exciting and challenging opportunities for employees to develop fulfilling careers.

We believe it’s important to support and develop our staff, that’s why we’re looking for ambitious and highly motivated individuals to join and help us grow.

Would you like a career at Nampak Plastics?
We’re not only looking for skilled individuals in manufacturing and engineering, but we are also always on the lookout for skilled professionals in HR, Finance, IT services and projects, to name a few.

We encourage self-growth and involvement at all levels of the business. A team mentality is fostered through a common framework which rewards creativity, responsibility and pro-active teamwork.

A few Nampak employees share their testimonials:

  Name of Person: Bradley Earp
  Job Role : HR Undergraduate
  Date Joined : Jul 1 2012

  Name of Person: Eric Collins
  Job Role : Managing Director
  Date Joined : Oct 1 1995

  Name of Person: Gemma Robinson
  Job Role : Head of Business Improvement
  Date Joined : Oct 1 2009

  Name of Person: Keith McAlpine
  Job Role : Engineering Support Technician
  Date Joined : Aug 1 2007

  Name of Person: Lisa Newport
  Job Role : Production Cell Leader
  Date Joined : Dec 1 2001

  Name of Person: Michael Agolini
  Job Role : Technical Project Engineer
  Date Joined : Oct 1 2010

  Name of Person: Paul Noble
  Job Role : Head of Manufacturing
  Date Joined : Feb 1 2008