Nampak's Infini Bottle

A lightweight bottle designed to reduce Nampak Plastics' impact on the environment

Infini is part of our drive to reduce our company's  carbon footprint and to provide our customers with the opportunity to respond to environmental impact pressures while making a contribution to cost savings.

Infini® is a Nampak-led initiative, developed by our innovation team. The design is fully protected by relevant patents and design registration.

The new Infini bottle has been specifically designed to be lightweight. The launch of the Infini bottle coincides with an increased focus on the carbon impact of grocery packaging in Courtauld Commitment 2. Over the next few years our total production of milk bottles—currently 2 billion per annum—will move to the new lightweight design, but the first innovative Infini bottles are already available in various UK supermarkets.

The key objective in designing the bottle was to reduce the weight of materials used in its production without affecting the integrity of the bottle or its requirement to be 'fit for purpose'.

The innovative lightweight Infini bottle has already demonstrated significant success with the 4 pint bottle which is available in-store through a number of UK retailers.

Potential to expand
We’ve had a strong interest in licensing opportunities for the Infini concept from overseas customers, and we are currently in discussion with major dairies in the US and Australia. To maximise the potential of this exciting expansion for Nampak Plastics we have appointed Isis Innovation—a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University of Oxford—to further market the Infini patent outside the UK.

Our customers love the Infini Bottle
We have received extremely positive feedback throughout the market on a number of fronts with the environmental benefits of the Infini design coming through strongly. Infini was initially developed by our dedicated innovation team, with subsequent input from key customers to further develop this ultra-lightweight bottle. From the feedback we have received it is proving to be the paradigm shift the market needed.

The Infini bottle design offers an average of 16% weight saving across the range with specific bottle sizes achieving weight reductions of up to 25%, while at the same time continuing to meet our customers' current performance specifications.

100% recyclable!
The bottle's innovative design was selected as the optimum solution to the lightweight challenge and the HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Infini bottle is 100% recyclable. Consumers can recycle it in exactly the same way as the current standard bottle.

The Infini bottle currently contains up to 15% recycled material (rHDPE) with a target of up to 50% by 2020.