Nampak Plastics' packaging benefits

HDPE is an extremely versatile packaging material. Its strength and resistance to heat makes it an excellent product for the food and drink market. The ability to tint it in a variety of colours or leave it translucent makes it the solution to a range of branding requirements too.

Due to its complex polymer-based structure, HDPE can be blow-moulded into an extremely light weight density without any loss of durability. The functionality and durability of the milk bottle has enabled the delivery chain to avoid the need for secondary packaging—something less sturdy containers rely on.

HDPE packaging won’t flavour its contents, the size parameters are suited to the bottle itself needing to fit into a fridge, and consumers can easily see the amount of contents remaining. It also satisfies the needs of the children who are the largest group of end users of milk. The handle makes it easy to pour and the addition of a cap makes it easily resealable.